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A FAQ of sorts

Why ask for a credit? You didn't take the photo. There are a couple of reasons I ask for a credit. Firstly, making icons takes time. Contrary to popular opinion, it's not just a case of downloading an image and cropping it to 100x100 in Photoshop! It's nice to have the amount of time most icon makers spend on their icons acknowledged. Secondly, crediting means that other people know where to come to look for icons of that person, or icons of a completely different person.

How do I go about including a credit? You can do this by typing <lj user="tara_fleur"> (GJ) or <lj comm="tara_fleur"> (LJ) into the "Comment" section when you upload individual icons. Please only credit in your user info if all of your icons are from here, because otherwise it gets confusing.

What do you mean by 'PB' icon? PB icons are icons made for roleplaying purposes. Generally, they're textless and fairly straight-forward in terms of cropping and design. The emphasis is on the expression or mood, rather than on how many clever brushes and textures you can use. They are not bases and PB icon makers usually ask that you don't modify them without permission. Yes, adding or removing borders counts as modification ;)

Can anyone join the community? Yep! I'm the only person who can post, however

Do you take requests? In terms of "can you please icon this specific person," the answer is a qualified "maybe". It depends on what source material is out there and whether the specific person interests me. If it's someone found on nine out of ten icon journals, then I'm unlikely to be inspired ;)

Do you do other graphics? On the whole, no.

Where do you find the original photos? These days, they're mostly made from screen caps I take myself, but in the past, Google image search has been my friend ;)

What's the easiest way to find a certain sort of PB? Check the navigation post!

Can I get a copy of the screen cap you used for a particular icon? Sorry, but probably not. I tend to delete screen caps as I go, given that I have a finite amount of space on my computer. If a PB is well known, your best bet is to do a google image search, but if it's someone fairly rare, you're welcome to ask so long as you don't mind if the answer is no :)



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